2021 Lake Weed Treatment Schedule & Reports

Lake Edgewood Conservancy District

2021 Lake Weed Treatment Schedule

Please see the dates below for lake weed treatment by PondsRX.  Note the first date is on a Monday and the remaining dates are on Tuesdays.  In case of rain on a scheduled date, treatment will occur on the next day.  Please be aware of the yellow flags which will be posted on the dam, beach, and Birdhouse Cove on lake treatment dates.  As per normal, there is to be no use of the lake on treatment days.  This includes no swimming, boating (powered or electric), or kayaking.  Also, we strongly recommend you do not water your lawn with lake water on treatment days.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Area Director.

4/5/21    4-5-2021 Weed Treatment Report















Thank you,

Your LECD Board of Directors

Kelly Stege, Chairperson

Jeff Snodgrass, Vice Chairman

Steve Smith, Director

Jake Rakowski, Director

Joseph Stallsworth, Director

2021 Lake Edgewood Boat Registration Information

2021- 2022 Boat Registration

NOTE: REGISTRATIONS ARE DUE ON OR BEFORE MAY 11TH, 2021.  The lock on the gate at the launch will be changed on May 15, 2021.


Members of your LECD Board of Directors will be at the Lake Edgewood Community Center 1715 W. Shore Dr., Martinsville IN 46151 on the following dates for in person boat registration:

Tuesday April 27, 2021 – 6PM to 8 PM

Saturday May 8, 2021 – 11AM to 2 PM

Tuesday May 11, 2021  – 6PM to 7 PM before the Board Meeting

Please make sure you bring a copy of your Liability Insurance coverage.  Payment can be made by check or cash.

Freeholders that are unable to make the above registration dates can drop the forms and payment in the mail slot at the club house at your convenience prior to May 11th and we will return stickers and ramp keys as soon as we can process.

2021 Boat Registration Forms are available for download >HERE<or e-mailed to freeholders by April 15, 2021.